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Agendas (PTMA)

102 Municipal Building Road, Duncannon, PA 17020
Wednesday February 1, 2023 7:00 PM
Any person wishing to speak should so indicate after your name on the sign-up sheet.
Please Note: visitor’s presentations are limited to five minutes
This meeting is being recorded to aid in the preparation of minutes
7:00 - Call to Order & Pledge of Allegiance with Moment of Silence
Minutes  January 4, 2023 minutes for Approval
    January 11, 2023 minutes for Approval
  1. Chairman
  2. Vice Chairman
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Secretary/Asst. Treasurer
  6. Legal Firm
  7. Engineering Firm
  8. Financial Depositories
  9. Right to Know Officer
  10. Check Signers
Reports from Professional Staff
  1. Operator’s Report
  2. Update on 1423 State Road
  3. Update on 9 Schoolhouse Road
  4. Status of water leak at 44 Jefferson Street
  5. Number of EOne grinder pumps
  6. Field Representative
  7. Status of Fraker meter
  8. Itemized Grosser invoice
  9. Engineer Report
    1. Keller fees letter
    2. Chapter 94 Report(s) Status
    3. Update flow Analysis Report
    4. Sunshine Hills, As-Builts & Well Pump Test
  10. DMR’s & Master Meter Report-In Correspondence Folder
  11. PTS Report
  12. Solicitor - Dennis Shatto, Esquire
    1. “Seasonal” dwelling abatement language
    2. MW2 Pump #2 Status
    3. Resolution 12-7-05-1 for approval
    4. 4 Hill, Carbaugh, status
    5. SHWS Well site Deed of Dedication
    6. Delinquent Accounts
  13. Treasurer Report
  14. Monthly Invoices, Sep & Dec.
  15. Financial Report September, October, November, December 2022 and January 2023
  16. Electric Contract
  1. Executive Secretary Report
    1. GP repairs-payment spreadsheet
    2. New water system PP&L spreadsheet.
    3. Property change of ownership spreadsheet.
    4. Stone Mills occupied new homes.
    5. Copier Contract renewal proposal
  2. JOAC Wednesday, February 8, 2023, 6:30 PM, Penn Township Municipal Building
Incoming/Outgoing Correspondence – Between meetings, incoming and outgoing letters are in a file folder above mailboxes in the office - members are to read and advise office if they want a copy(s).
Periodicals - Circulating – Unless otherwise notified, periodicals will be discarded each month.
New Business
  1. New Sewer Customer, Tattoo Parlor, billed? Yes, previous owner still owns this property and billing never stopped.
  2. Abatement for 1423 State Road?
  3. Adjusted monthly payment to Duncannon from $5000 to $7000, per JOAC meeting results
  4. Penalty increase on late payment
  5. Wage increase for office staff
Old Business
  1. Shed at Water Plant
  2. Perry Innovation Park water issues
  3. Possible discount for SHWS customers due to line flushing
  4. Phone system change
  5. Status of emergency repair supplies; i.e. pipe, flanges, bolt kits, etc
  6. Skid of lime at CWWTP for emergencies
Open Items
  1. Status of water and sewer grants
Motion to accept the itinerary and any and all additional items as they arise.